Anecdotes, we all have heart about this. Walking is my passion. I used to walk every time, more than work. But my weight frequently growing. Why my weight is growing? I use walking to lose weight. When I noticed my weight is growing then I went to talk with 1x world champion Law Payne and 3x world champion and message therapist Terri McBee. They told me, “You are wrong”

Though this is a great way, walking to lose weight. But you have to change your thinking and follow a simple guideline.

Committed with Walking To Lose Weight:

You must have to be committed and determined about your weight. Lots of people used dieting to lose weight. Dieting is also another and effective way to lose weight. But when you follow some instruction then your diet, walking and everything will be effective. So follow someone guideline like Hardbody coaches and lead a healthy life. Hardbody is the world’s largest body transformation and competition prep company. And their service is worldwide. They have lots of clients and their clients very happy with them.

Walking to Lose Weight

Walking To Lose Weight

Fulfil your Target:

The second important thing is to fulfil your target. If you follow someone and they always give you a minimum target. So you have to fulfil your daily target.

Anyone can burn lots of weights with exercise. Walking, jumping and running are the best exercise, experts say. If you thing you lose your weight by walking, thumbs up for you! It`s a great thinking. For the first time, you have to spend 20-30 minutes with walking without taking rest. The first time you can walk slowly. Remember one thing, when you are being hot then, you have to raise your walking speed. Walk in a fresh and open area. Please don`t walk in a garbage area. It might influence you and you never feel comfort in a garbage area. So always use an open and clean area for walking.

Walking With Exercise:

You can do some exercise with your walk to lose your weight fast. If you walk 30 minutes a day then you can divide the 30 minutes. You can walk first 10 minutes and 10-15 minutes you can run. After 5 minutes running you can take 10 sec rest. After taking rest you can do cardio for 10 minutes. If you don’t know about the cardio then, please click here for the book. It`s a free book written by 1x world champion Law Payne. This is the best book I ever read. So don`t waste your time. Click now and read the whole book. After doing 10 minutes cardio you can start jumping for 5 minutes. This is your 30 minutes routine. You can make it as your own. But you have to do to lose your pounds.

Walking with right equipment:

You need to have the right equipment. Unless you wear the right equipment, you never feel comfort for walking to lose weight. This is very important to have a walking shoe for walking. Also, you need walking apparels. You can get all kind of apparels from here. All is our own THT products. Please use our products at least once, and surely you will be our fan. So don`t miss it. Catch it right now.

You may have the question why you wear walking equipment? Yes! You have to wear walking equipment and this is very important to lose your weight. Your apparels make you perfect for doing exercise to lose your pounds. Also, you have to determine how much weight you want to lose? You can use weight loss calculator to calculate your weight.

Walking to Lose Weight

Walking To Lose Weight

Routes for Walking To Lose Weight:

Maintain a route to walk is very important. You need to make a route. How many paths can you cover within 10 minutes? It might be 1.5-2 KM. makes your route as your own. You can use a straight line route or a small place where you can surround and complete 10 minutes walking. You can also use the field to walking. Complete your recommended laps. Remember one important thing; you have to make your route in an open and clean place. This is true that your neighbours always motivate you. When you are in walking your neighbours will be your nearby nature, peoples and anything. That`s why this is so important to make a route in the open and clean area.

Eating Menu:

The best menu for walking to lose weight is forgotten to eat all oily foods. Oil always makes your fat and fat makes weight. So lose your fat first then you will lose your weight automatically. Also forget to drink hard drinks, eating sweet and much more. You can get a complete menu from here. It`s free for everyone.

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***Wish you all the best and have a healthy life***