Product Description

Hardbody MICELLAR CASEIN PROTEIN ™ provides you with an advanced form of slow digestion protein that’s 100% Casein (2lbs). No Blends!  “Quality is Everything”

☑️It takes twice as long to digest as compared to whey and other proteins

☑️It acts as a protection for muscles

☑️Slow digesting protein that benefits you all day long.

of High Quality Micellar Casein Isolate per serving

an Incredible Slow-Release Protein

Casein products are acid sensitive and this is the reason they gel together rather well with the stomach acids to thicken in the stomach and take anywhere from 3 to 4 hours to digest. The Micellar Casein Protein supplement will help the muscles to:

☑️No Artificial Flavors

☑️Gluten Free

☑️NO Artificial Colors

☑️3rd Party Tested

☑️Sustained Release 7hr+

☑️Banned Substance Free

☑️NO SOY Lecithin

☑️Tastes Amazing

☑️Easy To Digest

☑️No GMO’s