Lose 15 Pounds is not a dream. It`s real. Anyone can do this. Every people are not a sportsman or marathoners. But everyone tries to lose their weight. Most of the people do diets for losing weights. But it`s not a good idea. You have to maintain a routine to lose weight. And the doctors also say that. Do you know every single constant change your body?

How is the change? It might be small or big. You can lose 75 calories to the diet and also you can burn 75 calories to do exercise. You can lose 15-20 pound weight in a month. But what will be the best?

I talked to 2x world champion Law Payne and his coworker Particia Payne. Everyone says diet and exercise twice are important based on your body. But they show me some way to losing weight tricks. Here I discuss:

Good Housekeeping plane: Why is this plan better?

They say any program on diets you can lose more than a pound in a week. Because you have existing 1200 calories in a day. I never ask my patients to do fasting. It`s very bad. And diet is not a fasting. I ask them to cut a little number calories a day. Not more than 75. Continue it and see the magic. You are losing your weight.


Lose 15 Pounds

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What about a lot of exercises?

To lose 15 pounds, exercising minimum 30-40 minutes a day is great. But most people can`t keep their commitment. Some people did it for one or three months and then they go to rest. This is very bad for your body and your health. That`s why routinely is very important. For this 30-40 minutes, you don`t need to go the gym. You can do it in your home. Do some free hands exercise every day. Watch videos and tutorials and keep your body healthy. Spend 30-40 minutes on exercise a day. That will keep your body fit.

If any women do those two thinks, How much weights they lose?

In my 10 years workout experience I`ve seen lots of women. And the result is excellent. Through this plan, they lose 15 pounds in one and half month. Most of the women can do this. It`s a huge. On the other hand, it will be a dream for women. Because everything depends on your health. You may have various diseases like heart disease, breast cancer, clone and diabetics. It will be a different case for this type of issue.

The first step?

Lose 15 pounds is not a big deal. You can really do it if you want. Do atlases 30 minutes work out. Do some diet. Write down everything and make a routine. Follow the routine every day. You cannot lose minimum calories if you don`t know the rules of diet. You have to know what you can eat and what you cannot eat. Maintain a food count book to count the calories.

Is there any problem if I don`t eat the same number of calories?

this is an important issue. If you don`t maintain your calories than your eating will balance out. If you don`t follow your rules then your body will automatically be dropped or gravitates. You have to control your eating for your better health and fitness.

If I eat 2,500 to 3,000 calories per day. Is this possible to cutting 75 calories?

Yes! This is the good one and it will work. You will lose some pounds in a month if you do some effective exercise. It will work where you are subtracting 1,500 or 3,000 calories. But if you want to lose lots of weights then you have to do lots of exercises. Then you can cut 75 calories only.

Lose 15 Pounds

Lose 15 pounds

An easy way to cut 75 calories?

75 is not a big amount of calories. You have many ways to cut 75 calories. Just you have to maintain the routine. You can`t cut 75 calories in one meal. You can cut 40 at lunch and 35 at dinner. It`s a very easy deal if you want. You can also cut your hidden calories like a few bit in your birthday party cake or marriage anniversary cake.

Suppose I hate to exercise. So how can I work off those 75 calories?

It`s an important issue. If you don`t like exercise you can play, you can walk 5,000+ steps or you can run. If you also don`t like this then you can use some machines. You can get the machines from supermarkets. Also, you can play with kids. But this is impossible to lose 15 pounds with doing anything. So make sure you do something to lose your calories and weights.

Diet recipes:

Here are lots of diet recipes. Please figure it out and be healthy. Before I said you cannot lose 75 calories at one meal. So you can maintain my diet rules or you can make it on your own. But remember you have to cut your calories and weights.

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