Junk-FoodWhy 98% of Diet Plans Really Fail (Hint: It’s Not JUNK FOOD)

“Disclaimer:Results may vary and are not guaranteed”

Don’t get caught up in all the hype about alcohol or sugar/desserts. What you should focus on is truly learning about fat loss and how it works so you can really get the results you REALLY WANT While eating the foods you want! Let’s not BS around with the topic.

by Law Payne-CEO Hardbody Coaching, Stripped Nutrition

I get this question about a hundred times a week from clients and referrals….

I’m so stressed right now. I wanna go out with friends and have drinks, eat dessert occasionally and not stress out about gaining a bunch of weight. Is it possible to do this without going bananas?

See now I get this question from people all the time and it gets old…lol. But it’s all good, I’ve been helping people make lifestyle changes for nearly 15 years! I bet they were thinking

“How did we get like this?”

The biggest misconception with the belief that nutrition and fitness have to be one way or you won’t have success.  NOT TRUE.  “Clean Eating” and the common “Diet Plans” come from fitness professionals that copy and paste something directly from a text book and they expect a client to follow that when they themselves would never eat from such a cookie cutter diet plan. Heck in today’s world, most trainers or coaches don’t even look the part or as I say “Walk The Walk”. That’s a whole new topic so we won’t go there :-).

Back on topic

Now do this, ask a trainer or a coach—“What are the 2 Most Important Concepts to looking good and maintaining a good diet?”

They will say

1)You can’t eat what you want and still look great

2)You gotta train or workout all the time to be fit, look great, and be healthy-PERIOD END OF STORY OR BLAME IT ON GENETICS or AGE.

Now take this for what it’s worth. I’ve personally transform 1,000’s and from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE and EDUCATION, the best diet plans or programs and up to date nutrition strategies are not about Eat This-Not That Approaches or working out 24/7.

Hardbody Coaching

Instead, they’re a few facts we see from research (from Hardbody Coaching) consistency, sustainability, and patience is the fundamentals of a good plan and inhibits diet failure. Let me say that again– consistency, sustainability, and patience are the fundamentals of a good plan and inhibit diet failure. When these principles are applied and done right, you should be able to withstand having some dessert, skipping a day from the gym, or having a Beer or Wine for the Ladies :-).

Now, this goes for All Year, but most important during the hardest time of the year which is the holidays. People go Ape Shit around this time from stress and Killing it on the Job all Year and they are stressed about blowing it all in a couple weeks.

LISTEN-That’s Not Happening.

These fundamentals apply to those folks that took half the year off and ate like crap or haven’t been healthy per say throughout the year. You can do this too! Let’s fix all the struggles of Diet Failure by ever-changing your mindset towards something that’s REAL. This just might start the “Snow Ball Effect” to making those lifestyle changes and put an end once and for all to falling off the waggon!

STOP AND BREATHE: What Healthy Diet Plans Should Look Like

Before you start any plan, here’s a checklist that matters more than any weight-loss promise:

Healthy is loving your life.
You can be finding the right conditions(TIME) to eat the foods you love.
Healthy is not worrying if you miss a day you planned to exercise, especially if it’s because you’re doing something better with your time.

We all need balance.

Your workouts and eating habits should be important, but not always the top priority. People be Smart, make a good choice and have a good person in your life that will hold you accountable.

Love your Body 🙂

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