Project Description

Working with THT (The Hard body Team) beyond doubt has been a huge blessing to me at this time in my life!

I have not competed since November of 2010 to open a business and also began promoting the NANBF Natural Central Valley Bodybuilding show. Over that time off, I got out of the habit of keeping up with my nutrition (well needless to say, I put on a few more pounds then I wanted to.

I got the bug to get back on stage again after judging and attending a few shows in the beginning months of 2014. That’s when I reached out to Patricia Payne and THT in August after seeing some of the transformations they produced, IMPRESSED!) I like learning from others on how they train and prep, so I decided to give THT a try. Not knowing, I was going to have the best experience of my completive career! Not only is The Hard body Team knowledgeable about nutrition and working with each INDIVIDUAL metabolism, they care about you as if you are their only client. I was blown away after the first few weeks, with the dedication towards my goals and me!

What I am grateful for is the attitude of THT to go above and beyond even after the comp is over to help me reverse my diet and cardio, to not gain weight back to quickly, not only am I staying leaner then I have been in the past, I am STRONGER! I am looking forward to what 2015 has in store! Health first, stage second! Patricia is the embodiment of a coach, always there when I needed encouragement and when I needed accountability. Thank you Patricia and THT!


“Disclaimer:Results may vary and are not guaranteed”