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Warning this is a long one…. It took me a long time to decide to post these photos….but in this week of giving thanks I feel the need to Thank sincerely those who have impacted my life so significantly this year. To get to a point physically that allowed me compete for the first time, get first call-outs and actually place in my very first show…and more importantly to find my self-confidence, happiness and purpose along the way. Someone once told me that each of us has 2 families; a natural family and a chosen family. I am lucky enough to call all of you my chosen family, and I love you all dearly!! Over the last 8 months I have experienced the most amazing transformation! Not only the physical change pictured, but spiritually, emotionally and mentally. I am more happy and confident today than in any other point in my life. And it is thanks to each of you, the many strangers that encouraged me all along the way, the close friends who understood when I sacrificed dates for workouts, to my family who helped cheer me on and supported with watching kiddos, and of course to my kids who still to this day love a good flex-off at nighttime. My coaches @Hardbody Coaching- you guys were there to give me direction when I needed it, encouragement that I could compete, and harkening back to my first conversation with Law from Hardbody Coaching…driving me to believe that I can compete on a national level…although Terri@Hardbody Coaching we have a lot of work to do¬†¬†you guys are the best!!! To my trainer, and now close friend Ryan, without you I would have been lost and not able to crush my goals. Your constant encouragement and ability to put up with my stories and negotiations day after day is impressive but probably more so was your ability to keep me positive and ever optimistic and motivated, you have had more impact on my life than you will ever know. Super special thanks to all my friends who put up with my carb deprived moodiness, my crazy restaurant orders, and those that showed up to cheer me on as my knees visibly shook on stage. I love you all and am endlessly Thankful you are in my life!!!¬†#thankful#npcfigure¬†#crushingit¬†#dreambig#nothingstopsme¬†#nationalsin2018¬†#family