Project Description

This is not an overnight process nor is it easy…. but it’s sooooo worth it and soooo addicting!! Thanks to Hardbody Coaching, I have been adjusting to this life style and then for a minute I overdid it and almost had a MS attack but immediately caught myself and spent a few days resting, getting my macros in balance and now I’m rehabbing myself in the gym with light lifts and hitting back at the gains next week… Less than a yr ago in January had I done the same things it’s hard to say where I might of ended with the MS and an attack.. but I’m focused and balanced and blessed for nutrition and fitness and this amazing process!! Trust it!!! And thank you Hardbody Coaching from the bottom of my heart!! I can’t wait to see what happens after prepping begins in 2017!!

I’m right about 9 wks in this program here is why you take the before pic!! So excited and begging for more the second half!! Lol But…
Since I was a teenager I wanted to be a weight lifter/bodybuilder.

I just let everything get in the way and life took over… Broken hearts, deaths (in 20 yrs 35 funerals by the time I was 31 including almost all my family and my mom and step dad).. Abuse, severe depression (I’m beyond lucky God kept around), severe broken back at 16yrs old, and a paralyzing MS attack with the diagnosis 3 yrs ago…. 

This program has done more than just give me a very well working body it has given me my self esteem back, my courage and the ability to see within myself that anything is possible. ..
I don’t know where this is leading me but I know I could only wish everyone in the world could feel this amazing…. I’m humbled daily for what I have, who I am and have yet to become, and for being able to have the strength and dedication to do to this.. I am most certainly blessed to be a part of something that’s as rewarding as Hardbody coaching!! Thank you with all my heart
Again this from April 18th to Now!!