Project Description

?Ok so Dara just finished up week 16 of her before and after transformation program and we wanted to share it with you guys, hoping that it helps someone with their own personal journey.

✳️As a coach I can’t say enough about how easy she’s been to work w and how compliant she’s been and sticking to the plan. Even when she saw very little progress during her weekly checkins—it didn’t stop her. When you have a fat loss goal, you won’t always see the results on the scale or w a measuring tape measurement. Sometimes you’ll look in the mirror and not even notice the changes yourself?. That another reason to have an Expert coach who’s done this w 1,000s of people before.

Dara Alderton 16 week journey is in the books and she’s in it for the long haul. She signed up for a year to work with us and I promise you guys, you don’t wanna miss what she’ll accomplish over the next 12 months now that she knows her Potential. Like I always tell our clients, we can help you physically, mentally and spiritually and that’s when you will see a true lifestyle change.

✳️Results—lost 35.2 lbs and 7inches

Video Testimonial