Project Description

Hello THT family! Forewarning…dis gon be long ? I’ve never posted on here before, truthfully because of shyness, fear, and not feeling as though I was doing anything motivational enough worth sharing. Yes, I was working the weeks of my plans with workouts and meal preps and while I was steadily making gains, leaning out, and increasing strength and endurance, all I usually could focus on were the times I would slip up on eating, or shorten or even completely skip a workout. I’d look at my progress pics and only give myself credit when someone else would point out the changes. All I zeroed in on were my perceived trouble areas or flaws. I hope not, but I’m sure some of you can relate. It’s still something I am working to fix today.

I started my fitness journey with THT in January 2016 when I purchased a Groupon for four face to face sessions with Law. Upon meeting him and finding out that he and his team were world champion body builders and coached champion body builders, I wanted a refund and to go along my merry way ? But at that time, I had failed my last Army Physical Fitness Test and was dangerously close to not passing the weight standard which are both necessary for me to stay on active duty. I needed a push, someone to hold me accountable, and a goal to keep me on track. That first session I might have mumbled to Law that doing a bikini competition would be very far fetched idea, not even on goal level at that point in time. He, of course, said with hard work I could do it. My immediate focus though was to get my weight back in check and ensure I passed my next APFT. My husband and I both signed up for and completed 16 weeks beginning Feb through May 2016. This is the first before and after pic. I lost about 25 lbs, numerous inches, and did better on my APFT that June than I had since basic training 15 years before.

After this I decided to take a break and not go straight into another plan because I thought “I got this!” and could maintain these results on my own because surely 16 weeks is long enough to have established this as my new lifestyle of being healthy. Well, unfortunately, as you can see from pic collage #2, within 6 months I gained it all back plus some. I then purchased a year plan knowing that I needed to put in the time to fully adopt the lifestyle and changes needed to do so. I was soooooo embarrassed though to send Terri my new beginning photos, for her to see how I had undone all of the work she helped me achieve the first time around. But for anyone who knows Terri (and I’m positive it is the same for all of the THT coaches) she welcomed me back with no judgement and we got right back to work in Feb 2017.

I am proud to say that 14 months after having to restart all over again, my far fetched idea to do a bikini competition became reality. I competed in the NANBF Southern States Classic last Friday and took second place in both categories I entered. I now plan to compete again in September. It took over two years from my starting point but I did it. I not only put in hours, weeks, sweat, tears, and made sacrifices to change my physique to get up on stage, but I challenged myself mentally and faced every single one of my fears when I stepped onto that stage. While I know not everyone has aspirations to compete, if I can do it, I promise anyone of you can. It definitely tips the scale even more in our favor to have such an incredible and knowledgeable team of professionals to guide us along. I definitely am a stronger person, mentally and physically, after coming in contact with Law and being coached by Terri. Whatever your intentions and motivations are for your fitness journey, stick with it because even a centimeter moved foward towards your goal means you are that much further along than you were one second ago. Keep pushing…you got this! (If you made it to the bottom of all of these words you deserve a gold star ?)