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I had almost given up hope with competing. I started my fitness journey a whopping 103 lbs back in 2012. I ran alot trying to get a six pack, muscles and a booty. That’s all I wanted and I got the complete opposite. I looked malnourished and weak. I started eating clean and more amount of food and lifting heavy. I put on a decent size of muscle and was convinced competing was for me. After a couple years of competing and failed reverse diets, I had a misconception of fit, strong, healthy was. I had been on restricted diets for show preps and was able to maintain this for 20 weeks or so. Easy right? No one ever told me the hardest part was the reverse diet. I didn’t even know what a reverse diet was. I had stayed on a show prep diet in off season for several seasons and was failing miserably. I would go to the gym 6 days a week, eat clean and strict all day and then post workout be starving. I’d binge and eat whatever I could find to stop the hunger. I went from 114 (stage weight) to 167 pounds in a little over a month after a show. This was the second time this had happened post show. I was feeling pretty low about myself as well as any athlete that has people that look up to them and idolize them at the gym but are failing their own personal fitness journey. I knew I had to get it back in check, and listen to the very advice I had given people. Excuses won’t work. I was on vacation with a good friend, Terri and I were eating away at broccoli, oatmeal, tuna packets and egg whites. She poured herself a glass of wine and was eating some salted nuts while cooking some chicken with some mozzarella and light sauce. I thought what is she doing!? She’s gonna end up looking like me! She competes as well and had done the last show I had done with me. She had abs, and looked fit still! What!?? What am I doing wrong I asked her. She said balance and portion. We chatted for awhile, I stopped beating myself up and I decided to try this fit life one more time. I wanted it so badly. Always have. I got ahold of Patti and Law with Team Hardbody the very next week. Patti was quick and replied within minutes of me asking to join the team. Relief. I was nervous about transitioning coaches, I’m not a very confrontational person, and it felt like somehow I would screw it up. I typically do. I was nervous for different coaching styles, habits and techniques. I needed to find what worked for me though. This was my life, my goals, my journey. Everything went smooth though and I couldn’t have asked for better coaches in my life (old and new). I was sent my macros the next week. Totally overwhelmed. What?! I make my own food plans? What I don’t know where to start?! I only know chicken, broccoli, fish and egg whites and have always been given the amounts!! Help!! Patti stayed in touch with me everyday all day as I sent her numerous pics and screenshots of food labels. Haha, I think she probably wanted to block me (just kidding). I even double dosed some not so healthy foods messing up how to measure stuff. We laughed it off and I noticed right away my cravings went down. No more binges. I had freedom with family, and friends, and social events. My weight stayed at a standpoint for awhile and I wanted to quit. I just kept going. I would lose 5 lbs … Get a refeed day and gain it all back. This happened often. Making me not want to eat carbs. Picking a show date or even calling my journey a show prep became stressful as each set date came and went and I wasn’t ready. I stopped worrying, stopped picking dates, and just started listening to my body and sticking to my plan. The lbs started melting off around July. I could foresee a show in the fall as long as I kept with it. August hit and my body stayed teetering between 120-124.

I felt good though. Really mentally and physically happy. Best I ever had. I had a six pack for the first time in my life without being stage lean. (Heck sometimes I don’t even have one on stage!) I was ready to compete and didn’t care what the scale said. I was happy with my year and my bounce back. I still am not really sure what my stage weight was.. I tried my hardest to stay off the scale. I just know I was stuck at 120-124 peak week. Every other year I had competed in 114-116 lb range. I didn’t care! I looked better and felt confident for the first time in a long time. I didn’t really think I had made much progress physically from stage year to stage year. Just was glad to be back. I felt harder in some areas and softer in others. It wasn’t until I compared my stage pics side by side that I noticed a huge difference in my quads, abdomen and shoulders. I was able to put on muscle, lose 40+ pounds, enjoy foods that controlled cravings, and get my life back. Team Hardbody gave me the tools to teach myself about healthy lifestyle. No cookie cutter diet, no eating foods that I can’t stand, as I made my own plans! I’m now 2 months post show and sitting at 131 lbs! Can’t beat that!! No more ups and downs! Balance. I get texts and emails all the time with my new macros. Patti is always on me! And for me accountability works as well. It was a long year and a half for me full of ups and downs, but i finally enjoy my fit life again


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