Project Description

My experience with The Hardbody Team has been very rewarding! I signed up right before competing in August at The INBA PNBA Natural Universe 2014, we didn’t have much time and basically went right into peak week! But they jumped on my project, and within hours of signing up I was receiving help. I had just come out of a very stressful coaching situation, and IMMEDIATELY there was such a big difference. I was so glad to have continuous input, check ups, guidance, a whole new type of diet help, workouts. I won my Pro Figure division, and could not have been happier! So proud and elated!
I stuck with the coaching of THT through the next 2 months, through September and October through to the INBA PNBA Natural Olympia… any time I had a question, needed to skype for posing help, they were there. And I have a lot of questions! THT was patient and quick to respond. Even through the Olympia with the 3 hour time zone difference, it didn’t phase their commitment to being there for us girls, and there were 3 of us in California, all different divisions.
I received very specialized help~ I always felt like I could be honest with Terri and Patricia, and I will definitely say they helped me through some tough times. I have suggested their coaching to others, and am looking forward to another competition with The hardbody Team! Even now in the grow season I know I can ask them questions if I need to, and they are amazing enough to continue to monitor me for health and wellness. I’ll be asking their advice on how to design my year in 2015, and I trust that they have my best interests at the forefront of what they suggest. I can’t thank my coaches at The Hardbody Team enough for their support, for taking me seriously as an athlete, and treating me like my passion for our sport means something. I know what I want to do with my life, I just need some help to get there.
Thank you Terri, Patricia and Law! Bring on 2015!!!


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