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Ever Dreamt Of Reaching Your Fitness Goals?

Being physically fit and healthy can be extremely beneficial. It is the sign of a flexible body, lean muscles, and a healthy cardiovascular system. Being physically fit makes you able to perform endurance activities along with maintaining the proper fat and muscle ratio in the body. As you grow old, you will realize that physical activities such as swimming, walking, cycling, and training can support your body in staying active. In today’s fast-paced world, most of us are unable to maintain our health and fitness. We have various concerns associated with our health, however, we are unable to overcome them.

Team Hardbody To Your Rescue!

Team Hardbody is ranked as one of the top ranking online personal training company. This company provides custom programs for clients who want to take their fitness game to the next level. This is not like working with your local personal trainer guys. These are the guys that your Personal Trainers and Doctors hire to get them in the best shape of their lives.  A complete transformation is provided by Team Hardbody. The transformation and results provided by this company are absolutely worth the hype. Team Hardbody provides effective and positive results. The company truly helps in becoming a champion through the process of proper training. The company has more than 10,000 clients all around the world. The company made sure that every client attains his/her desirable results through the changes in their physiques.

Customers’ Testimonials


Team Hardbody always provided effective changes according to the requirement of the client. Majority of our clients are fully satisfied by the results. Here is Chandra Mclntyre who is sharing her incredible weight loss journey. Chandra Mclntyre managed to grab the 4th position at the pro world championships in the figure. Team Hardbody helped her by reducing more than 40 pounds of her weight. Her major concern was heard by the expert and the customized diet plan along with exercises was recommended.

Here is what Chandra Mclntyre has to say about her transformation. There was a hopelessness that started irritating me regarding my physical appearance. I was about to give up on my aim of competition. When I look back at the time of 2012, I found myself a whopping and unhealthy person with 103 lbs. This excessive body weight leads me to lack of confidence and inferiority complex. I tried various exercises, however, the results disappointed me to the core. I got opposite results of all my effort. My aim was to attain the perfect body shape with the right muscular strength, six packs, and a booty. All of these efforts made me looked like one weak and malnourished person with no body shape. However, my trainer convinced me that I am capable of training and helped me in regulating the diet essential for a healthy body. Through eating clean and adopting a healthy lifestyle, I was able to see better changes in my body shape. All of this helped me in maintaining the size of muscle along with realizing my abilities to compete. I learned that I had various misconception regarding the healthy body. I realized that a healthy body should be strong and strengthen. All this can be possible with healthy diets in order to compete properly. I had to maintain restricted diets throughout the training for almost 20 weeks. In order to prepare, I had made sure that I strictly follow the diet plan. However, no one told me about the hardest part associated with it. The hardest part was to manage the reverse diet. I had no concept about the reverse diet as I was completely unaware of the term. So, I failed it miserably for a quite a long period of time. Considering my strict routine, I had a clean and proper diet along with six hours in the gym. On the other days, I used to starve or eat anything to reduce my hunger. All of this made me gain weight. From 144 pounds (that is ideal for the stage) to 167 pounds in less than a month right after the show.

I was pretty disappointed as an ideal and athlete due to my incapabilities of maintaining physical fitness. On one of my trip with my fellow competitor, I realized that I need to focus more on my balance and portion. I instantly got in touch with Team Hardbody. Patti and Law instantly got in touch with me. Transitioning coaching scared me, however, my coaches made sure that they help me with my techniques and lifestyle. Patti helped me with macros and food plan. I choose various food labels. My weight stayed at a standpoint which made me a little disappointed. I wanted to quit carbs to reduce stress. However, I stuck to my plan as I was motivated to have the ideal body shape. My lbs started reducing in July and I reached 120-124 pounds in August. This progress has a positive effect on my mental and physical health. I was able to attain six packs for the first time in my entire lifetime. I was mentally prepared to compete. I was happy with my year, performance, and bounce back. I had to compete for 114-166 lbs on the stage with my 120-124 lbs weight. None of this affected me as I was satisfied for the first time. The best part was my progress as I was able to attain muscles along with losing 40 pounds of weight. I enjoyed my diet and made a healthy lifestyle too.

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What Services are Provided by Team Hardbody?

Team Hardbody does every client program from scratch! We don’t cut corners. You will receive a customized meal plan, customized workout, customized training, customized cardio programs, and unlimited support. All of their services are adjustable along with weekly check in’s and accountability to ensure the satisfaction of the customers. In this way, Team Hardbody has become an expert in this field of fitness and health maintenance due to the excellent services and provision of customer’s satisfaction. So don’t waste time hiring a life coach, a personal trainer, a dietechian or a certified nutritionalist when Team Hardbody Coaching offer it all at a fraction of the cost. Plus they have a decorated history of client testimonials that should put your mind at ease when working with them.

Some of their other services include fat loss programs, weight loss programs, weight loss management, weight management plans, diabetes reversal therapy, obesity management, hypertension treatment, cardio/metabolic health, ketogenic diet plan, thyroid management plans, metabolic syndrome management, reverse dieting, and competition preparation which include peak week and posing.

Importance of Transformational Coaching

The transformation training and coaching can be extremely beneficial to attain and achieve your health goals. Through the provision of proper strategic support by the Team Hardbody, the client will be able to grow, heal, and flourish in term of his/her health. There are multiple benefits that can be attained through considering the transformational coaching and training by the Team Hardbody. You will surely be inspired to improve yourself in terms of health and body.

Through the training program, healthy activities, and transformational coaching of Team Hardbody, here are some of the benefits that you can attain:

  • You can reach better potential and new heights in your own personal development.
  • Through these practices and diets, you will be able to learn about your own health. In this way, you will develop greater self-awareness.
  • You will be able to attain balance in your personal and professional life. You will learn time management along with indulging yourself in healthy activities. All of these activities such as exercises and training can help you on a long term basis.
  • You will be able to transform your life along with inspiring and educating others to maintain a healthy life.
  • These training and mannerism will have a positive effect on your environment along with your physical, professional, and psychological health.
  • You will be able to set certain barriers and limitation in your life. This limitation can help you in avoiding activities that can have a negative effect on your professional and personal life.
  • You will be able to understand the requirement of your body and mind.
  • You will be able to learn various strategic techniques to support the mental, spiritual, and physical needs of your body.
  • You will be able to heal and treat yourself rather than treating your symptoms.
  • You will be able to indulge in beneficial lifestyle practices that can help you in improving the quality of your life along with preventing the harmful diseases.

Achievement and Coaching

Team Hardbody through its dedication and efforts has stood out in the industry over the previous decades. The team and coaches at Team Hardbody are extremely dedicated and hardworking towards their ambition. Here are some of the facts that you need to know about our coaching team as well.

  • Patricia Payne is 8X Undefeated Drug Free World Champion Bodybuilder who is the co founder and ceo of this amazing company. She is a well known public figure with an honorable reputation for helping clients elevate their fitness paths.
  • Don Hardy is known in this industry for quite a long period of time. Don Hardy is known for his tremendous position in the bodybuilding and transformation and lifestyle coaching. Don also holds his WNBF and IPE Pro Status and is a Popuplar Bodybuilding Judge and Show Promoter in the United States.
  • Brittany Warner is another fitness Enthusiast present in the team of Hardbody Coaching. She is known for his accomplishments and records on powerlifting and bodybuilding. Brit was also in the Air force serving her country.
  • Terri McBee is a 3X Drug Free World Champion Figure Competitor and is well known for helping clients reach their best shapes to date. She is working in this field for a long time. She considers the concerns of the clients and customizes the services accordingly.
  • Law Payne is a world champion and is solely responsible for founding and heading the Team Hardbody along with his wife Patricia Payne.

Why Choose Team Hardbody?

Team Hardbody’s sole aim is to provoke and make a change through empowering people. Their fitness programs and training can help in understanding the need to promote a healthy lifestyle. Through proper guidance and understanding, people become capable of taking conscious action towards a healthy lifestyle. Team hardbody’s mission is based on serving people by bringing desirable changes in their spiritual and physical awareness. In this way, a healthy and better lifestyle can be adapted. Team Hardbody doesn’t force, manipulate, or push the clients. The training program and coaching session are based on educating, inspiring, and empowering others. All of this has helped the company in attaining a positive image and favorable reputation in the fitness industry and the go to fitness company you can call on if your wanting to take your fitness game to another level.

Team Hardbody is passionate to make a difference in the lifestyle of people through considering various aspects ranging from diet, physical activities, or exercise regimes. Through various techniques and programs, Team Hardbody thrives to reach the fitness goals of the clients through providing strategic support and powerful transformation based tools. All of this will help people in growing, healing, and flourishing in their spiritual and mental capabilities.

What Makes Us Different From the Rest?

Team Hardbody aims at changing the perspective of the people through introducing a healthy lifestyle. Team Hardbody has been in this space for over 15 years with over 10,000 Transformations on their resume + over 20 Top Accredited Certifications. What makes us different from the rest is our dedication and positivity. We ensure the provision of the services that will make the desired difference in your spiritual, mental and, physical health. We will also assist with various health issues and customize the plan according to the capabilities and requirements of the clients. We ensure that our customer recognizes their potentials and abilities to attain phenomenal results. More than 10,000 people choose our fitness programs, coaching classes, training session and products such as supplements and dietary products. Other than that, we educate people along with providing awareness to truly bring a long term change that is required in their lives.

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