Product Description

FERMENTED GRASS FED WHEY PROTEIN Is the Highest Quality Protein Shakes on the Planet. Grass Fed Protein,Organic Protein Powder is the best protein on the market and its best for your body.

fermented New Zealand Grass-Fed Organic Whey Isolate Protein is gluten free,soy free and is NON GMO. Want a protein supplement that performs well and mixes well too? Well, the THT Grass-Fed New Zealand Whey Protein is your way to a glass of flavorsome protein. This is the “Walter White” Version of Protein if you ever seen Breaking Bad! This is the Highest Quality on the Market! Nothing on the market compares quality, and taste wise! Whey protein is known to be effective for speeding up the weight loss process. But the supplement has many other benefits too.

☑️Enhances Peak Performance

☑️Improves Stamina and Endurance

☑️Builds Amazing Lean Muscle and helps get rid of body fat

☑️Supports Muscle Development and growth

☑️Recover Faster from muscle exhaustion

☑️Preserves Energy Levels during workouts

☑️Easy to Digest


So you want to get rid of the excess fat on your body without damaging the muscles? Then switch on to the grass-fed whey protein which is a completely safe dietary supplement.

☑️Sweetened w/Organic Stevia Leaf Extract

☑️Protein Source:Grass-Fed Cows ==>New Zealand=Highest Quality in The World

☑️100% organic

☑️No added sugar

☑️0% fat

☑️Gluten and Soy FREE

☑️No GMO’s

The supplement contains different types of proteins and vitamins to ensure that all other nutritional needs of your body are well-taken care of. It contains a multitude of amino acids that are needed by our body in building up the loss muscle mass after a workout. What is even better is that it contains no cholesterol or sodium that might go on to have an adverse effect on your body.

So unlike all other supplements, it mixes well with water and makes a thick mixture that takes good as well. It comes in cocoa pebbles and vanilla ice-cream flavor. You can mix it in milk and it would take good as a milkshake too.Grass-Fed New Zealand Whey Isolate Protein is organic,gluten free and contains no soy.


Promotes overall digestive health and thereby healthy gut bacteria
Primes the gut for the absorption of other health promoting ingredients

Unlocks vitamins, minerals, amino acids and carbohydrates for optimal absorption by the body

Removes anti-nutrients and harmful bacteria found in many foods

Supports the immune system
Each Scoop contains 28g of Protein, 0.5 Fat, and 0.5 Carbs (120 Calories)