Project Description

I started with THT in January 2014 and have never been happier. This team is so much more than a team. They are my family. All my questions were answered within minutes. I never had to wait a day for feedback. I was shocked to see how many clients they do train because they seriously make you feel like number 1. They didn’t just take my money and give me a plan. They called me; texted me, e-mailed me, and even had Skype sessions! During peak week I couldn’t go a few hours with texts asking how I was feeling, what I ate, and how my mindset was. This team is not easy to be a part of. They pushed me harder than I have ever been pushed. When I was low on carbs and my weight wasn’t moving they encouraged me to keep pushing and dissected my entire routine to make adjustments. At some times I think they wanted it more than I. I was drained and felt like I had nothing more to give but somehow they found that last little bit and pushed me to my BEST PACKAGE EVER!!!
I never felt like a number with THT. I felt like a damn celebrity! My starting weight was 155 and I stepped on stage at the IFPA Masters Pro Cup at 129!!! Leanest I’ve ever been and I owe it all to THT that never quit pushing and believed in me.


“Disclaimer:Results may vary and are not guaranteed”